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In the January 2020 Print Edition

Dec 30, 2019 01:49PM ● By Pamela Johnson

Jan. 2020

Happy New Year 2020!  I hope everyone had happy and safe holidays.  Please take a minute to check out the January issue of the Bellingham Bulletin for some holiday highlights and a look at the upcoming month.

As you probably know, we do not charge a subscription fee, so advertising generates 100% of our operating revenue.  It would be impossible for us to produce the Bulletin and mail it to your home or business, or post it online every month, free of charge, without our advertisers, so please support them whenever possible. 

In addition to keeping the advertisers we have, we're always on the lookout for new ones, so if you know any business owners, please suggest  that they try advertising in the Bulletin. It is literally the most inexpensive way to get your printed message into every home and business in Bellingham--pennies per household is not an exaggeration. We also insert business's promotional flyers into the Bulletin for mailing, which results in substantial savings for the business when compared to the cost of direct mail.

Some highlights:
How Goldilocks Finds Her Just-Right Home

How Goldilocks Finds Her Just-Right Home

If you are like Goldilocks searching for for that “just right” home in or around Bellingham, how do you find it? Read More » 


Vacancy Voids Your Homeowner Coverage

Vacancy Voids Your Homeowner Coverage

It’s rare for Ostrander Insurance in Bellingham, MA to go more than a few weeks without having to explain some potentially dangerous pitfalls in the fine print of most homeowner policies. Read More » 

Below is the PDF file containing the January 2020 print edition that you can peruse at your leisure. To view it, click on the center of the newspaper icon (to exit, use "Exc" key). As always, thanks for supporting the Bellingham Bulletin!  

In the January 2020 print edition




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