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How Goldilocks Finds Her Just-Right Home

Jan 03, 2020 05:37PM ● By Pamela Johnson
Too big, too small, too tall, too dark…

If you are like Goldilocks searching for something “just right,” how do you find it?  
Finding the right fit starts with having realistic expectations of your goals, your family’s needs, your finances and the market. Knowing what you can afford and being realistic about your needs and wants as well as what your money can buy are crucial. 

Accepting the premise that no matter the price range, there is no home that will be absolutely everything to everyone in your family makes finding your perfect home a bit easier. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, or even if you have designed the home yourself, the nagging thought that there could always be something more or better is just human nature. Understanding that can help to put things in perspective. 
I tend to blame HGTV for the perception that people will just know it’s the right home when they see it; 32 years of experience tell me that most buyers aren’t lucky enough to have that “ah-ha moment.” It’s not easy being a home buyer. The decisions are many, and that makes the process stressful to boot. The fun thing about house shopping is that you find that houses all have personalities and little idiosyncrasies. There are some things we can live with, some that we can’t, but if we remember that there are some that we can change, maybe not right away, but over time, it helps with our decision processes. Bring your vision house hunting with you. 

Knowing what you can truly afford is also important. There is nothing more disappointing than finding “the right” home only to find that it is out of your reach financially. What happens after that? Everything else pales in comparison.

Be price point realistic. Many times there is wiggle room in a price offering, but don’t count on it. We are recently experiencing contract prices being thousands over asking. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the property is priced a certain percentage over asking. If you are looking at it, it should be in your price range. Work from there.

Identify the features that you will not compromise on. Make sure those features fit in your budget. Are they realistic? I have many clients who know they need a certain size and style home. They will not settle for less. That’s 100 percent acceptable, but the tradeoff might have you looking in another community.

But what if one of the must haves is something like central air? Is it feasible to add it at another time? Determining the difference between wish vs need can be super important.  Sometimes the Ben Franklin approach of writing down pros and cons can be beneficial. It could help you drill down and define what’s really important to each member of your family.    
Having a time frame will help you zone in too. If you give yourself years to find a home, you likely never will find one.  

Most importantly, to find the house that’s just right, all decision-makers should be present on the house hunt. How disappointing and deflating it is when you think you have found “the one” just to have another family member view it a day later and feel differently.
Last but by no means least: if the first home you spy is “just right,” don’t fight it. It happens.
Your fairy tale home is within reach if you begin your search with realistic expectation of your desires and financing abilities, and current market conditions. With the right mindset Goldilocks will find her “just right” home, and it will be easier to find than a porridge that is not too hot or too cold.    
Now you are probably asking, “What do the Three Bears need to do to sell their current abode without too much disruption?”

 Submitted by Carol Ann Palmieri (left) of Al and Cal Realty Group, RE/MAX Executive Realty. Palmieri may be reached at 508-494-9061 or [email protected].




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