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Bellingham Bulletin

Big Ryan's Tall Tales Keep All Ages Entertained

The audience at the Bellingham Public Library was just delighted with the performance of seasoned storyteller Ryan Racette.

The Toe Jam Puppet Band Performs at Bellingham Library

A high-energy program of stories and silliness by the Toe Jam Puppet Band at the Bellingham Library kept people of all ages enthralled.

Bellingham Library Announces August 2014 News & Events

Read this summary of upcoming August events and programs at Bellingham Public Library.

Blue Star Planetarium Comes to Bellingham Library

A blow-up planetarium makes it possible to bring the stars to the children at Bellingham Public Library.

Library Holds “Magical” Summer Reading Kickoff

Magician Peter Bouie, the opening event for Bellingham Library's summer reading program, bills himself as a "magician for non-believers."

Library Unveis Summer Reading Program Activities for July

July is always a busy month at Bellingham Public Library because of its annual summer reading program. Check out the list of activities.