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TABS Matter: Shriners’ Year of Impact in 2024

So far in 2024, the Shriners have made a significant impact by assisting 28 children through their TABS program. The program, which collects aluminum tabs from cans, receives immense support from individuals, organizations, likelocal Masoaic Lodges and companies such as Medway Oil and owner Jeffrey Mushnick, a 20+ year Shriner as well as his brothers and cousins.

The Shriners’ efforts translated into tangible help, with $426,000 spent on the medical needs of these children. One of the key initiatives is the collection of tabs at Medway Oil, located at 37 Broad St in Medway, MA, aiming to fill five 55-gallon drums!!

The Aleppo Transportation Fund, a crucial arm of the Shriners, also had a remarkable year, assisting hospitals with the cost of transporting patients. Approvals were granted for various cases, including a 3-year-old boy from Guatemala with severe flame burns, a 1-year-old from Mexico with extensive burn injuries, and two siblings from Mexico injured in a house explosion.

In addition to these cases, Aleppo approved funding for sponsorships, covering costs like food, air transportation, ground transportation, lodging, visas, passports, and miscellaneous expenses for patients requiring repetitive treatments.

The fund also supported patients requiring surgery and specialized medical care, including a 7-year-old boy from the Dominican Republic needing elbow surgery in Philadelphia, an 8-year-old boy from Colombia needing three orthopedic surgeries, and an 11-year-old girl from Ecuador requiring a below-knee amputation and fitting with a prosthesis.

The Aleppo Nobility’s successful fundraising efforts allowed for substantial donations to both the Boston and Springfield hospitals, further enhancing their impact in the community. Overall, well over $500,000 was approved in funding, highlighting the significant contributions of the Shriners and their supporters in making a difference in the lives of children in need.

To drop off your collected TABS and support The Aleppo Transportation Fund, please visit your local drop off site: Medway Oil, 37 Broad St., Medway MA. To learn more about The Aleppo Transportation Fund, please see: The Aleppo Shriners Children’s Transportation Fund Travels - Nobles - Aleppo Shriners.)

Drink more, save tabs, it’s for teh kids!!

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