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Milford -Franklin Eye Center World-Class Eyecare Closer to Home

By: Roger M. Kaldawy, M.D. 
Milford Franklin Eye Center 
  Milford-Franklin Eye Center has been providing eye care to the community for almost 5 decades.  Our mission is to deliver state-of-the-art eyecare by physicians, surgeons and optometrists who are predominantly from the community, live in the community and dedicate their careers to serving the community. During the past decades we have performed hundreds of thousands of procedures, many of those are complex and are only available in Boston. We serve everyone in the community, regardless of insurance coverage, race, or disability. Our practice physicians are local and are available daily for emergencies and difficult cases. Other practices do not do the same  and often times the provider you see in those practices is not even a physician. If they have physicians, they are only there sporadically.  When it comes to eyecare, ask your friends and neighbors who is the best? Your eyes deserve the best. 
 Are all eyecare providers equal? Unfortunately, they are not. For example did you know if you have cataract surgery in a practice with no local ophthalmologist present daily you may end up referred to Boston in an emergency? We have you covered as our ophthalmologists (eye physicians/ surgeons) are local and available on a daily basis. Did you know that our practice is the only practice taking calls for our local emergency room at Milford Regional Hospital?  The only practice!  Other practices refuse to take call. We have been doing the same for 5 decades and are dedicated to you.  
Milford Franklin Eye Center has a better vision for your eyes and is dedicated to our community. Our ophthalmologists have performed hundreds of thousands of surgeries, have lectured nationally and internationally and trained junior physicians and other ophthalmologists form prestigious academic institutions. Choose wisely- Your eyes deserve the best. 
 With offices located in Milford, Franklin and Millis (Millis Eye Center), and soon a new satellite office in Hopkinton, our own award-winning surgery center in Milford and a support staff of 60, we are proud to be the leading medical and surgical eye care center in the area and one of the major eye care centers in the State.  We are also one of the rare ophthalmology practices to own and operate our own surgical center, the Cataract Surgery Center of Milford.  No longer need to travel miles and hours to have cataract surgery!  Three experienced eye physicians/ surgeons and 5 optometrists are here to deliver comprehensive and excellent eye care for the entire family.  If your eyecare provider is still asking you to travel far away for eyecare or surgery, call us for a second opinion. 
Have you wondered where do other physicians and even ophthalmologists go for their eyecare and surgery? You guessed it! We have been privileged to care for other physicians and we have operated on other ophthalmologists. Those who know best about eyecare and surgery have consistently chosen us for their care and continue to do the same. 
 Our practice is proud to offer the latest and best in medical and surgical ophthalmology. For glaucoma we have the latest in selective laser trabeculoplasty to reduce eye pressure and offer Durysta implants to reduce dependance on eye drops. We also use stents and other procedures with cataract surgery to lower eye pressure and manage glaucoma. Our surgeons were the first surgeon in the area to offer bladeless laser assisted Femto cataract surgery.  This laser procedure is offered locally at the Cataract and Laser Surgery Center of Milford. We have the only fellowship trained pediatric ophthalmologist in the area. We have the only dedicated optical shop offering a boutique style frames and glasses for our precious and unique little eyes. Our vitreoretinal specialists are world- renowned and have written the books on retina eye care. They have also trained other students and fellows in this field.  
We are particularly proud of our surgery center, the Cataract Surgery Center of Milford. This facility is in your backyard and is proud to offer world class cataract surgery closer to home: Here in Milford. Our surgery center passed certification and accreditation by the most rigorous State and National accreditation agencies. 
 Cataract surgery is all about better precision, more safety, and excellent outcomes. At Milford Franklin Eye Center, Dr. Kaldawy is proud to have been the first surgeon in the area and among the first in Massachusetts to offer bladeless laser assisted cataract surgery and the first surgeon in the greater Boston area to implant the PanOptix and Vivity lens implants. We have trained local and out-of-state surgeons on how to perform cataract surgery. We implant high quality premium lenses, with correction for distance, near and everything in between. Many cases of astigmatism are no longer a problem. Our percentage of posterior capsule complications and infections is one of the lowest in the Nation. 100% of the surgeries are performed under topical anesthesia, so only drops, no need for shots and no need for stitches.
  We are also proud of our 5 optometrists who deliver comprehensive and routine eyecare to our community and for the entire family. They are all accepting new patients and they have a zero-wait time appointments. They are here to help daily, with availability of late and Saturday appointments. All our optometrists work under the direct supervision and immediate access to our ophthalmologists/ specialists. 
 We are equally proud of our optical shop which is the only local shop to have its own dedicated lab and can cut and finish your glasses while you wait. Our shop is run by an optician with 4 decades of experience. 
Our eye institute has professional management focused on quality customer care.  90% of our staff has been with us for over 5 years!  Excellent retention of staff means outstanding loyalty and training. 
  Milford-Franklin Eye Center realizes you have choices when it comes to eye care.  We are different.  We are an M.D. physician/ surgeon specialist eyecare institute  available for you daily and fully-headquartered locally with our optometrists helping with routine eye care only.  We focus on excellent and advanced eye care and treat our patients as if everyone is family.  We have surgical results that rival those of major centers in Boston- we can prove it.  We are from the community, most of us live in the community and our focus is to serve the community.  We believe in a better vision for your eyes. Your eyes deserve the best. 
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