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Dear Mr. & Mrs. Seller: We LOVE Your Home!

Jan 30, 2020 06:00AM ● By Pamela Johnson
Is a real estate love letter helpful? Yes, it could very well make a difference.  Why not try?  
Bellingham is experiencing an extreme sellers’ market. There is more demand for homes than there are homes currently for sale. A market like this puts buyers into a highly competitive situation.   When you find the home of your dreams and you know that others are vying for it as well, it might be a good idea to put some emotion into your offer in the form of a “love letter” to be presented with the hard actual facts and numbers of your offer.
So, how can you woo a seller in this brief courtship?  I’m a big fan of personal notes, so my perfect letter, if possible, would be handwritten and concise. You’ll want this letter to give the seller a heartfelt reason to choose you above the crowd.
It’s generally a good idea to start off by introducing yourself and your family. Maybe you know that the seller is a veteran or works in health care and you do too. As in any courtship, a common thread can lead to that next date. Let them know that you have that common bond. If you don’t know of any commonality, briefly detail who you are.  Would a photo hurt? Probably not. Something with smiles. How about a picture of yourselves outside the home that the seller has created and probably loved for years? Figure out anything, but I strongly suggest avoiding “We are really nice people so you should sell us your house.”
Let the seller know why this home is so appealing to you. Pick a couple of strong reasons and word them in such a way that you paint a story for the seller. The garage is perfect for “Andy, who loves to tinker on his old jalopy,” or “After working the late shift, Sally can see herself taking a few minutes to relax in the whirlpool tub, and the kids are ready to jump into the pool even though it’s only April!” Find a way to connect, but most definitely avoid telling them that you are going to change their color scheme.  

Of course, your formal offer will contain your preapproval. Those all look very similar and are emotionless. So why not cement your financial qualifications by highlighting what the pre-approval doesn’t say. Maybe you don’t have a large down payment but you have stellar credit and excellent job security and you’ve been staying with family while saving up to find the perfect home--Theirs! Let the seller know that so that they can rationalize taking your offer over another that might have a stronger written presence. Or maybe you have a large down payment. Sing that out!
If you have a home to sell, explain what your intentions are. Maybe you don’t have to sell your own home in order to buy another one. Stress that in this personal note to the seller. Let them know that you are well qualified regardless of your situation. Don’t simply rely on the words written by a mortgage professional. Make it personal.  
Last, but not least, remember to close with a heartfelt request that the seller take your offer and thank them for considering your family as the proud new owners of their home.    
Will your letter make the difference between your getting the home or not? I can’t promise that it will, but I can, without reservation, say that it will put a degree of emotion into your offer that it would otherwise not have. And, at the end of the day, this is an emotional purchase after all.
Spring market is upon us and Love is in the air!


Submitted by Carol Ann Palmieri (left) of Al and Cal Realty Group, RE/MAX Executive Realty. Palmieri may be reached at 508-494-9061 or [email protected].




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