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CBD ReLeaf Center Opens in Dean Bank Plaza

Jun 28, 2019 06:00AM ● By David Dunbar
written by Dave Dunbar, Contributing Writer

Inflammation. Diabetes. PTSD. Colitis. Acne. Obesity. If any of these are part of your life right now, then you might want to visit the CBD  ReLeaf Center in Bellingham.

CBD — which is the shortened version of cannabidiol — comes from the hemp plant and is getting rave reviews for helping to alleviate a wide range of pain and anxiety. No, you won’t get “high” by using CBD even though it comes from the same plant that produces marijuana. 

“I’ve been taking care of people all my life,” said Joslyn Cochrane, the co-owner of the new retail shop that opened last month at 421 Pulaski Blvd. 

She and her husband, Douglas, decided to open the business after listening to friends who had opened similar shops. “We’ve talked about this for more than a year and then heard from our friends in New Hampshire who opened up in April, and now they have three shops.”

Joslyn quit her job as a home health aide that she had been doing for years, and “made the leap.” 

They researched products and decided to go with Koi Naturals® because all of its offerings are third-party lab tested. The products all show contents on the label, as well as the accurate weight. “Koi has full-spectrum products using only the best part of the hemp plant, and all ingredients are organic,” said Joslyn.

Products that you can swallow or slather are available, and they all “smell good.” There’s also a vape pen in the Koi Zen Portable Kit. 

Even pets can enjoy relief from a variety of aches and pains. “Our 13-year-old lab, Hunter, who has bad hips, has improved dramatically since I’ve been spraying CBD oil into his food. He can run now and climb stairs, and even chases geese in the yard,” Joslyn reported.

But buyer beware! Sales of CBD products are currently unregulated by state and federal governments, which means, among other things, that labels may be misleading and incomplete. Congress is trying to decide whether CBD products are dietary supplements or prescription-required drugs.

You be the judge. “Come in for a free sample,” offers Joslyn. “Try it, and if you like it, then buy it.” She has full confidence in the Koi line of products.

CBD is widely available in stores and online. Prices and quality vary enormously, and Joslyn advises buyers to do their homework to determine which products are appropriate for them. By 2025, the CBD market is projected to top $16 billion.

So, where did the name of her new shop come from? “One night, my husband and I were brainstorming names and we liked the idea of relief,” explained Joslyn. “So we landed on re-spelling it to ReLeaf.”

The Cochranes have lived in Bellingham for 20 years (they have two sons: Andrew, 15, and Ryan, 12). They looked around for a location for the store and finally settled on 421 Pulaski. “It was affordable and clean, so we leased it,” said Joslyn. “I’m excited to do something new and different,” she said. 

You can reach the CBD ReLeaf Center at 774- 460-6084 or visit them on Facebook at CBD ReLeaf Center. You can check out their full product line at

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