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Mortgage Loan Officer Cliff Bowyer Offers Variety of Programs

Feb 28, 2018 06:00AM ● By David Dunbar

Clifford Bowyer of MortgageWorkshop Inc.

story & photo by Dave Dunbar, Contributing Writer

Google “mortgage loan officer” and in .69 seconds you will see 3,380,000 results. One of those will be Clifford Bowyer (pictured right), a Bellingham resident who works out of his home office for the firm MortgageWorkshop, Inc.

“Cliff is a smart and well-educated person who can help you through the complex mortgage process,” reads one post on Facebook.

“I love helping people find a home and get financing,” says Bowyer, “getting to know them, hearing about their dreams, finding out what they are looking for…it’s very rewarding for me.”
Based in Framingham, MortgageWorkshop, Inc., is a small brokerage that processes a dozen or so loans each month. Bowyer is fully licensed in Massachusetts and goes through a rigorous re-certification process each year.

Bowyer gives full attention to each customer, day or night. “Call me at 9 o’clock at night to say you’re planning to make an offer on a home and I can help,” he says, and quickly adds, “A banker cannot.” Perhaps you’ve heard of “bankers’ hours.”

MortgageWorkshop is a brokerage, not a bank. “We have access to 12 plus lenders,” explains Bowyer, “so we can offer a variety of programs to fit the customer’s needs.”

These include conventional and jumbo loans, fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages, zero-down financing, non-conventional loans, FHA, VA, USDA, renovation loans, affordable housing, and more.

According to Bowyer’s website, “Many of our customers find that we are able to offer better rates, points, and total fees than they can find elsewhere.”

He adds: “The office has a reputation for finding solutions for people who have been turned away or turned down elsewhere. This is part of the advantage of having numerous lender relationships. There are programs we have that others may not, which could make the difference between someone getting a home or not.”
Bowyer has helped customers with “no credit history,” using instead things like phone bills and rent statements to make the case for a home loan. Customers with credit scores above 700 can get “amazing rates” on their loans. But Bowyer has also worked with customers who had scores below 500 and he recommends a plan to bring that number up. “So we’re helping someone, no matter what.  We have options we can explore whether it’s now or in the future.”
With the state and federal income tax filing deadline on the horizon, Bowyer suggests now might be a good time to talk. Gifts and tax refunds often accelerate the urge to purchase a home, and planning ahead can help make the difference in getting—and not missing—a great deal.

When he’s not helping people find a mortgage, Bowyer likes to spend time with his four-year-old daughter, Audrey. In his Bellingham home office, evidence of Audrey’s artistic side is clearly visible (photos, drawings, notes to Dad, etc.).

Bowyer is also an author and book publisher. He has written 30 books, mostly science fiction, fantasy and mystery. His publishing company, Silver Leaf Books, releases at least three titles each year.

You might say Bowyer is “one in a million.” Google says he’s one in 3.38 million. You can find out if he’s the right mortgage loan officer for you, by calling him today at 508-400-2500. (See Cliff’s ad on previous page)






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