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Ken’s Quiz: BHS Coaches, Past & Present

Apr 27, 2017 08:00AM ● By Kenneth Hamwey

Bulletin Sports Editor Ken Hamwey

 written by KEN HAMWEY, Bulletin Sports Editor
  1. Coaches are an integral part of any interscholastic athletic program. This month’s quiz is about Bellingham High’s coaches, past and present; its main theme focuses primarily on recalling who preceded specific coaches. Many sports are represented in the quiz, and two of the coaches mentioned are public safety officers in Bellingham—police officer Len Gosselin and fire department captain Joe Robidoux.
  2. Test your knowledge about the men and women who guide today’s student-athletes, and remember the time and effort they devote to teaching not only the basics about their sport, but also the life lessons that are learned from athletics, such as setting goals, working as a team, overcoming adversity, managing time, developing lasting relationships, sharpening leadership skills and assuming responsibility.
  3. Who was the Bellingham High varsity baseball coach before TJ Chiappone took the reins?
  4. Who was Bellingham High’s first varsity football coach in what’s considered the modern era (1967-present)?
  5. Who preceded Dale Caparaso, the football coach who led BHS to four Super Bowl triumphs?
  6. Joe Robidoux is the current ice hockey coach at BHS. Who preceded him?
  7. Name the only female coach at BHS to win a state title in field hockey.
  8. Stacy Bilodeau has been on the job as the BHS girls basketball coach for the last three years. Who preceded her?
  9. Who was Bellingham’s varsity football coach before Dan MacLean?
  10. True or false. Dennis Baker has coached varsity softball and baseball at BHS and also worked as Ashland High’s varsity baseball coach.
  11. Lynn Stocks replaced a coach who led BHS to a pair of state championships in field hockey. Whom did she succeed?
  12. Len Gosselin once coached the boys varsity soccer team. Now, he’s the varsity coach of the girls program. Who coached the girls before Gosselin took the reins?
Look for the answers below.


  1. Jim Bonollo.
  2. George Anderson.
  3. Chuck Missler.
  4. Ken Bertoni.
  5. Joanne Paquette.
  6. Dan Nagle.
  7. Ted Rigney.
  8. True.
  9. Ron Bonollo.
  10. Mike Suffoletto.





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