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In the January 2017 Print Edition

Dec 31, 2016 08:00AM ● By Pamela Johnson

Bellingham Bulletin, January 2017

The holidays are over and now it’s time to stop and take a deep cleansing breath. I think it’s accurate to say that this month brings with it the inauguration of unquestionably the most controversial president ever elected in this country. Whether you are looking forward to the new year with anticipation or dread, uncertainty is the underlying theme. Speculation runs rampant about the changes to come and it’s now more important than ever to support local businesses; it’s also important to support the businesses that advertise in the Bellingham Bulletin, since we could not afford to prepare, print and mail the Bulletin to you free of charge each month without their advertising dollars. We do not charge a subscription fee, so ad dollars are our only operating revenue.

The January issue contains a comprehensive look at the Maple Street warehouse complex proposed by Campanelli, the developer who also built Maple Street's Victory Packaging. A final decision will be made by the Bellingham Planning Board on Jan. 12, so please read up on it and make your opinion known before the Board decides. (No matter where you live in town, chances are you have occasion to drive on Maple Street at some point during your week, so even if this complex doesn’t effect your home, it will effect your travel time and/or experience.)

We invite you to browse through this issue at your leisure. Remember, we always appreciate suggestions, questions and comments; you can send them to [email protected]. Below are some highlights, or you may scroll down and click on the flipping newspaper icon to view the PDF file of the January issue in its entirety.

Proposed warehouse complex with changes shown in red

Maple Street Warehouse Complex Downsized, 24/7 Operations Sought - Jan 06, 2017 01:59PM

If you drive on Maple Street, then this issue concerns you; you should attend the Jan. 12 meeting and make your preference known to the Planning Board, whether it be yea or nay. Read More » 

Bellingham Senior Center

January News & Events at the Bellingham Senior Center - Jan 06, 2017 02:23PM

Read about the January 2017 events and COA news at the Bellingham Senior Center. Read More » 

January at the Public Library - Jan 06 2017 0245PM

January at the Public Library - Jan 06, 2017 02:45PM

Make a New Year’s resolution to be a wise consumer of Internet news and info; lets be more thoughtful about what we share online. Read all about January events & news at Bellingham Library. Read More » 

Bellingham Public Library Director Bernadette Rivard

Be a Savvy Consumer of News & More—Evaluate Your Sources! - Jan 06, 2017 03:00PM

Library Director Bernadette Rivard shares tips on how to be better news and information consumers, and, more importantly, verifying the stories we choose to share, says . Read More » 




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