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Ken’s Quiz: A History Lesson in Bellingham High Football

Sep 30, 2016 11:23AM ● By Kenneth Hamwey

Bellngham Bulletin Sports Editor Ken Hamwey

written by KEN HAMWEY, Bulletin Sports Editor
Football is in full swing and is once again dominating the weekend headlines.
Bellingham High has had its share of success on the gridiron, winning all of its four Super Bowl appearances. However, the last eight years haven’t been kind to the Blackhawks, who’ve been unable to post a winning record during that span. Hopefully, the 2016 contingent, which defeated Blackstone-Millville in its opener, 42-25, will reverse the losing trend and provide its fan base with some pleasant victories and an upset here and there.
This quiz is all about football at BHS, focusing on its players, its coaches and its history.
  1. True or false. The season of 1967 was Bellingham’s first as a varsity football team.
  2. Who was Bellingham’s first head coach in what’s considered the modern era?
  3. Name Bellingham High’s 12 head coaches in the modern era.
  4. Which coach led the Blackhawks to four Super Bowl triumphs?
  5. Which coach guided BHS to its first Tri Valley League title?
  6. Of the four Super Bowl victories, how many did Ricky Santos compete in at quarterback?
  7. Who was the quarterback when BHS had its last winning season in 2007?
  8. Name the quarterbacks who led the Blackhawks to wins in the Super Bowl.
  9. Name the Ivy League college where Ricky Santos is now working as quarterback coach.
  10. Who is Bellingham High’s all-time leader in touchdowns scored in a single season.
  1. False. Varsity football began at BHS in the mid-1930s but was disbanded when a player died from an injury. After being dormant for almost 30 years, the sport returned in 1967.
  2. George Anderson, who worked as a physical education teacher, athletic director and assistant principal, was Bellingham’s varsity coach in 1967, the year football got its re-start at the high school. The turf field is named for him.
  3. The 12 coaches since 1967, in order, are George Anderson, Bill Southwick, Tom Cataldo, Al Sperra, Don Johnson, Wally Quigg, Steve Knowlton, Chuck Missler, Dale Caparaso, Ted Rigney, Dan MacLean and Dan Haddad.
  4. Dale Caparaso.
  5. Chuck Missler.
  6. Two.
  7. Chris Haddad.
  8. Greg Smith, Justin Prophet and Ricky Santos (twice).
  9. Columbia.
  10. Jon McGettrick, who scored 28 touchdowns in 1998.





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