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BRWA & Blackstone Valley Paddle Club Host Harvest Moon Paddle

Sep 29, 2016 06:00AM ● By Pamela Johnson
The Blackstone River Watershed Association (BRWA) in partnership with the Blackstone Valley Paddle Club hosted a Full Harvest Moon paddle on Friday evening, September  16, as part of the Blackstone Heritage Corridor, Inc GO! Program. A beautiful harvest moon illuminated the Blackstone River, as 23 paddlers glided gently from the Blackstone Gorge to Millville, MA and back. The group included paddlers of all experience levels, with many being first-time night paddlers.
Along the way, members of the group heard beavers slapping their tails, bats squeaking, crickets chirping, and saw a great blue heron glide quietly overhead. Before the moon rose fully above the trees, paddlers were able to view constellations such as the Summer Triangle, Cygnus the Swan, the Big Dipper, and Cassiopeia.  As the moon rose fully above the treetops one participant was heard saying, “What is that spotlight illuminating the river?”, only to be told it was the full moon at her back!  The moon was so bright on the water we all thought we should have brought 'moon glasses!'"

The participants met as strangers but left as friends as a bond developed among them.  The darkness seemed to nurture trust and reassurance as people called out, “Ken, are you OK?” or “JoAnne, is that you over there”?
The Blackstone Valley Paddle Club provided support and assistance. The  group of volunteers,  with an interest in canoeing and kayaking,  was founded in 2000 and meets weekly from May through August on Tuesday evenings at different sites within and just outside of the Valley. For more information about the Paddle Club email at [email protected] or visit their website at

The Blackstone River Watershed Association (BRWA) is dedicated to preserving and protecting the Blackstone River and its tributaries. The organization participates in water quality monitoring, shoreline surveys, cleanups, and invasive species removal in the Blackstone River watershed. For more information about the BRWA, call 508-278-5200, email at [email protected] or visit the website at





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