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DPW to Flush Water Mains in north Bellingham

Oct 13, 2015 10:23AM ● By Pamela Johnson

Water-main flushing in north (left) end of town.

Water Main Flushing will be done this week in the following areas:

Pilgrim Village
Mohawk Path
The North End of Maple Street
Ray Ave
Pine Street
Brittany Road
Bainbridge Road
Hartford Ave Shopping Centers
        Stall Brook Center  - Wal Mart Plaza
        Charles River Center – Cinemas
Rawson Road
Sagamore Road
Deerfield Lane
Arrowhead Road
Cedar Hill Road
Farm Street (Near Arrowhead)
Valley View Road
Farm Street (Near the 495 Bridge)
Phillip Drive

Water Main Flushing can affect water pressure while hydrants are flowing.   Pressure drops should only last a short time when the hydrant is opened and being flushed, which is typically twenty minutes per hour. 

Customers should not lose all water pressure.  If they do, we have a valve closed that we think is open.  If residents experience a complete loss of water pressure, they should contact the DPW at 508-966-5813 immediately. 
Flushing can cause water discoloration.  We recommend that customers check their water before doing any laundry.  If rust stains appear on washed clothing, special iron removing detergent can be obtained free of charge from the DPW Office.  (WARNING:  DO NOT TRY TO BLEACH OUT STAINS.  BLEACH WILL SET THE STAIN AND THEREBY RUIN THE FABRIC.) 




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