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Medical Savings Plan Used for Weight-Loss Program

Jul 30, 2015 06:00AM ● By Pamela Johnson

Lose weight successfully at N.E. Fat Loss

Having the advantage of his medical savings plan to cover the costs to join New England Fat Loss (NEFL) was a great bonus but not the primary influence for John Ford’s joining the weight loss program. With his first grandchild due in November, and warnings from his doctor of the dangerous physical consequences of excess pounds, Ford felt an urgency for a healthier life.
In a physical the week before he joined NEFL, Ford’s doctor suggested medications to regulate his cholesterol and blood sugar levels to add to his blood pressure prescription. He was extremely uncomfortable with the thought of taking additional medications. He remembered reading a NEFL article that talked about the results one patient had where his weight loss resulted in the reduction of medications he had to take.  Ford asked his doctor for some time to see if losing weight might help him reduce his symptoms.

“I said, ‘give me 50 days,’ and he said ‘ok, you’ve got 50 days,’” Ford said.

On April 23, Ford joined NEFL.

“I needed to do something and this type of approach resonated with me,” Ford said. “Part of my logic was, I can probably stand on my head for 40 days; if I can’t do something like that [NEFL], there is something tragically wrong.”

The 58-year-old could and did commit to 40 days and lost an impressive 28 pounds. In fact, at the time of this interview, Ford has dropped a total of 36 pounds! The Hopedale resident was thrilled with the results, and revisited the doctor almost two months later as promised.
“It was literally 50 days later and I was in his office and the first thing he said to me is, ‘Wow, you kicked ass!’” Ford said. “My blood pressure was 100/70 and the medication was working too well and he took me off. My cholesterol levels were now well within range and I am no longer pre-diabetic.”

Ford’s commitment to his health, as well as the support of the NEFL program and staff, all contributed to his successful weight loss. During Phase I, he was in daily contact with Dr. Johns to guide him through obstacles and plateaus and received a tremendous education on his personal metabolism.

“I would text the doctor every day, and within a half-hour he would respond with encouragement or adjustments,” Ford said. “I am thrilled I did it, and kicking myself that I did not find it earlier.”

Don’t look back; look forward and visit one of New England Fat Loss’S two convenient locations: 22 South Street, Suite 204, Hopkinton; and 188 Needham Street, Suite 255, Newton.
To learn more, visit their website,, or call 1-844-437-8446.




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