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N.E. Fat Loss Patient Reverses Diabetic Symptoms with Weight Loss

Apr 01, 2015 04:01PM ● By Pamela Johnson

Lose weight successfully at N.E. Fat Loss

Food for 71-year-old Alfred Imbruno has always been a core ingredient in his life. Imbruno savored a career as a professional chef and spent his days in the kitchen forever tempted by his delicious creations. Unfortunately, the combination of his vocation and his love of food led to added pounds, which also resulted in diabetes and high blood pressure.

Imbruno tried many diets, but always with the same result. He would lose weight, but eventually the pounds came back. On September 26, 2014, Imbruno stepped into New England Fat Loss, and under the direction of Clinic Director Dr. Johns and Weight Loss Specialist Dr. Dembrowski, his whole life changed. In his first 40 days, he dropped 47 pounds and went from 314 pounds to 267 pounds. He then committed to the next stage of the plan and as of December 2, just 82 days into the program, has shed an impressive 67 pounds!
“The phase I am doing now is teaching me how to eat and lose weight,” Imbruno said. “Every day, I get on the scale and lose weight and it puts a smile on my face.”

Imbruno retired from cooking professionally in 2000 but continues to prepare meals for family and friends. Through Dr. Johns’ and Dr. Dembrowski’s recommendations, however, he has learned to adjust his eating habits.

“For Thanksgiving, unlike the usual 25 or 30 desserts I put out, I put out six and baked with sugar-free products,” Imbruno said. “I just kept away from the breads and starches, had a slice of cheesecake, and gave the rest to my company to take home.”

The weight loss was his first positive message, but Imbruno received other positive effects from the New England Fat Loss plan. His blood sugar levels stabilized and his blood pressure lowered. His physician removed him from all his diabetic medications and reduced the dosage on his blood pressure prescriptions.

“My doctor said ‘stay on this diet; you are doing great,’” Imbruno said. “ ‘If you keep losing weight and your blood pressure goes further down, we will take you off more medications.’”
Looking for similar results? Take that first step this spring to lowering that scale and improving your health. New England Fat Loss offers two convenient locations:  22 South Street, Suite 204, Hopkinton and 188 Needham Street, Suite 255, Newton. To learn more, visit their website at or call 1-844-437-8446.




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