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Ken's Quiz: Winter Sports

Mar 26, 2015 03:26PM ● By Kenneth Hamwey

Bellngham Bulletin Sports Editor Ken Hamwey

written by KEN HAMWEY, Bulletin Sports Editor
  1. Rob Evans is a physical education teacher at Bellingham High, but he coaches a varsity team in a nearby community. Name the team and the town where he coaches.
  2. Debra Sacco, like Evans, teaches physical education at Bellingham High. Formerly the junior varsity girls basketball coach at Bellingham, she’s now the varsity softball coach at a regional school. Name the school.
  3. The 2013-14 girls basketball team at Bellingham High won the Division 3 Central Mass. championship. List the three teams it defeated to win the Sectional crown.
  4. The 2012-13 Bellingham High girls basketball team qualified for the playoffs but lost in the first round. Who beat the Blackhawks?
  5. She’s won the MVP award three straight seasons. Her first honor was in outdoor track last year, then cross-country and most recently in winter track. Who is she?
  6. The 2014-15 boys and girls indoor track teams at Bellingham High combined to win a pair of awards in the Tri Valley League. What did they win?
  7. Who is Bellingham’s all-time leader in career points in ice hockey?
  8. Who is the all-time leader in career assists for BHS in ice hockey?
  9. The 2014-15 girls basketball team at Bellingham qualified for tourney play by winning its last game. Whom did the Blackhawks defeat to qualify for the playoffs?
  10. The 1979-80 Bellingham ice hockey team advanced to the Eastern Mass. Division 2 quarterfinals at Boston Garden, where it lost, 5-2. Who beat Bellingham?
Scroll down to see how many questions you answered correctly.

  1. Hopedale’s girls basketball team.
  2. Blackstone-Millville.
  3. Millbury, Northbridge and Tyngsboro.
  4. Old Rochester.
  5. Sarah Edwards.
  6. The boys took first place in sportsmanship and the girls were second.
  7. Justin Park (88 goals and 78 assists for 166 points).
  8. Bob McManus (100).
  9. Medway High.
  10. Oliver Ames.

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