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Feb 26, 2015 09:00PM ● By Pamela Johnson
Local real estate agent Debbi Mosher spent many years researching for a reputable weight loss program. After two decades and thousands of dollars on nutritional books, she came across a New England Fat Loss article. She was intrigued with their methods and after reading and viewing every testimonial she could find, she decided to join.

“When I went in for my appointment on September 9, 2014, I knew this was for me,” Mosher said. “The staff was very supportive and having contact with the doctor every day was such a benefit to me and my success.”

With Mosher’s successful outcome and high recommendations on the guidance of Clinic Director Dr. Johns, three of her friends have since joined New England Fat Loss and achieved winning results. The Medway resident credits her weight loss success (35 pounds and 48 inches) with the program’s diagnostic process and individual customized plan. Once her trigger weight gain and weight loss foods were identified, the pounds quickly came off!

“It’s more than just food combinations,” sixty-three-year-old Mosher explained. “I am eating the food that is good for my body, good fat-burning food. When I started, my metabolism was like a 78-year old woman’s; by the end of the program, my body is running as a 50-year-old. There is no way I could have figured that out on my own.”

In addition to shedding the pounds and inches, Mosher now feels rejuvenated and energetic, feelings she was missing with her added weight.

More importantly, she is able to enjoy special events, going on vacation, attending parties and eating out, and continues to lose weight.

“You are totally satisfied and not hungry,” Mosher said. “I walked out of there knowing how to live the rest of my life without gaining weight. I think that is phenomenal!”

Mosher was so impressed with the New England Fat Loss Program she asked if she could join their organization and will soon be sharing her story and helping other people through their weight loss journey.

“I know how long I searched,” Mosher said. “I would love to help other people.”
Your personal passage to weight loss can start today! New England Fat Loss offers two convenient locations: 22 South Street, Suite 204, Hopkinton and 188 Needham Street, Suite 255, Newton. To learn more, visit their website at, or call 1-844-437-8446.
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