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Ken's Sports Quiz: The Dennis Baker Years

Feb 26, 2015 09:00PM ● By Kenneth Hamwey

Bellngham Bulletin Sports Editor Ken Hamwey

 written by KEN HAMWEY, Bulletin Sports Editor
Dennis Baker has served Bellingham High School in a variety of positions during a 38-year stretch that has included time as a physical education instructor, a coach and athletic director. Currently working at the school in his second stint as athletic director, the Ashland native often has called Bellingham his second home. See how you fare with this quiz that deals with a teacher, coach and administrator who rates highly as one of the most popular employees the school system has ever hired.
  1.  Baker got a full athletic scholarship to attend an Atlantic Coast Conference university. Name the college.
  2. Baker played for Ashland High in the old Boston Garden during the 1965 Tech Tournament. Name Ashland’s opponent that beat the Clockers and became state basketball champs.
  3. Baker coached baseball at Bellingham High. Name the other two venues where he coached baseball.
  4. Baker’s 2014 softball team at Bellingham won the Division 2 state championship. What was that squad’s final record?
  5. Name the six teams Baker’s 2014 softball squad defeated to win the state title.
  6.  True or false. Baker has served as Bellingham High’s athletic director during two different stretches for a total of 14 years.
  7. What state titles have been won while Baker has been Bellingham’s athletic director?
  8.  Baker earned a master’s degree in education. Name the college where he worked on that degree.
  9. Baker’s son, Dennis Jr., also coaches varsity softball. Name the school where he coaches.
  10. True of false. Baker is the dean of athletic directors in the Tri Valley League.
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  1. Maryland;
  2. Holliston;
  3. Ashland High and the Ashland Legion;
  4. 25-1;
  5. Norton, Fairhaven, Dighton-Rehoboth, Case, Tewksbury and Grafton;
  6. True;
  7. One in field hockey, one in boys basketball, one in softball and one in baseball, and two super bowls.
  8. Boston State, which now is UMass-Boston;
  9. Hopkinton High;
  10. True.





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