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Weight Loss Is a Method to Raise Your Energy Level

Dec 01, 2014 06:00AM ● By Pamela Johnson
It was mid-September and 55-year-old Kim Sviontek had a goal: she had a trip scheduled in six weeks and wanted to lose weight before she left. She saw the ad for New England Fat Loss, and their guarantee of shedding 20 pounds in 40 days was just the answer. In 42 days, Sviontek successfully lost 36 1/2 pounds!

For Sviontek, the program, comprising a healthful meal routine of protein, vegetable and fruit, offered just the right amount of discretionary choices, but also provided the necessary discipline for a successful weight-loss plan.

“I never deviated from it, nothing but those three things,” Sviontek said. “It was easy for me. There were a lot of options and it worked.”

Sviontek also credits the daily communication with the New England Weight Loss staff for her recent accomplishment. Every day she faithfully reported her weight to the New England Fat Loss office. If there wasn’t a weight change for two days in a row either Clinic Director Dr. Johns or Weight Loss Specialist Dr. Dembrowski would step in and suggest slight dietary changes to stimulate the weight loss. Every two weeks, she also visited the office to record her personal body scan, fat percentage and weight.

In addition to the weight loss, Sviontek also noticed other valuable advantages to her overall health and well-being. Her energy level climbed, her outlook improved and she regained mental focus.

“I have more energy now,” Sviontek said. “Before starting this program, I was lethargic and not focused. Since starting with New England Fat Loss, my business is doing much better and my husband said my attitude is great.”

Sviontek has completed Phase 1 of the program and has successfully maintained her weight loss and is continuing to lose pounds. While she may initiate another 40-day program for another jump start, she learned from Dr. Johns and Dr. Dembrowski how to plan and prepare delicious meal choices that will ultimately help her to maintain her weight loss.

There are many more success stories such as Kim Sviontek’s at New England Fat Loss. The first step to reaching your personal goal is only a phone call or click away. New England Fat Loss offers two convenient locations: 22 South Street, Suite 204, Hopkinton, and 188 Needham Street, Suite 255, Newton.

To learn more, call 1-844-437-8446 or visit their website at

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