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Ken’s Sports Quiz: BHS Coaches Past & Present

Dec 01, 2014 06:00AM ● By Pamela Johnson

Bellngham Bulletin Sports Editor Ken Hamwey

Coaches usually are the key to successful teams.  At Bellingham High, there have been a plethora of quality men and women who have not only won their share of games, but who have also displayed class and dignity and have become top-notch role models. This month’s quiz focuses on current and former Blackhawk coaches who deserve praise for their efforts and dedication. Test your knowledge of Bellingham High’s coaches, past and present.
  1. Stacy Bilodeau, Bellingham’s new girls basketball coach, had an ultra-successful run as a coach in the Bay State League. At what school did Bilodeau direct?
  2. Tom Forbes, Bellingham High’s assistant principal, is the Blackhawks’ wrestling coach. He previously coached a different team in the Tri Valley League. Name the school.
  3. TJ Chiappone, who directed the Blackhawks’ baseball team to a state championship last spring, was an assistant coach on another state title team at Bellingham. What was the sport?
  4. Peter Lacasse coaches Bellingham’s cross-country and track teams. He previously coached track at a nearby school. Can you name it?
  5. Dennis Baker guided Bellingham’s softball team to a state title last spring. He once coached varsity baseball for the Blackhawks. Can you name the other TVL school where he coached varsity baseball?
  6. Bellingham won all four of its Super Bowls with one man at the helm. Can you name this football coach?
  7. Roger Canestrari was once principal at Bellingham High. He also coached two varsity sports. Can you name them?
  8. The late Frank Flynn coached baseball and basketball at Bellingham High. He also coached a sport in the fall, and he demanded that his baseball and basketball players compete in that sport to stay in shape. Name the sport.
  9. Cheerleading coach Jackie Charest was a captain as a cheerleader when she competed in high school. What school did she attend?
  10. When Bellingham High re-started varsity football in 1967, a familiar figure emerged to coach the program. Name the coach.

Now scroll down to see how you did...


1. Walpole High School
2. Ashland High School
3. Basketball
4. Attleboro High School
5. Ashland High School
6. Dale Caparaso
7. Basketball and baseball
8. Cross-country
9. Tri County Vocational in Franklin
10. George Anderson.




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