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Bellingham Students "Chat" with USAF Colonel

Apr 28, 2014 11:43AM ● By Pamela Johnson

South Elementary students signed off of their video chat with a salute to Col. Mike King.

South Elementary students in Mrs. Dorcil's and Mrs. Ghostlaw's 4th-grade classes had the pleasure "meeting" a United States Air Force Colonel from Las Vegas, NV.  USAF Colonel Mike King is the uncle of fourth-grade student Meghan Rapose of Bellingham.  KIng visited with the students on Tuesday, April 8, for a distance-learning activity.

Mrs. Wilbanks, who teaches technology at South Elementary, asked the school community if a member from the US Armed Forces would be willing and able to "chat" with students via webcam (donated by the Bellingham Educational Foundation). Students gathered in the computer lab where they were able to view the Colonel from a large SMARTboard.
Colonel King answered tough questions from students and talked about his experience flying fighter jets and working in the military's drone program. Some questions included, "What is it like to fly a remote control drone plane?" where Colonel King then explained how it was a challenge because it's a different "feeling" flying an object one is not actually in. For years, Colonel King flew F-15 jets and told students that he has traveled around the world as a serviceman.

Another question asked was if he'd show students the proper way to salute a soldier. Students signed off the video conference with a salute. "Uncle Mike," as niece Meghan refers to him, shared his interesting and exciting world with South Elementary students and they will remember this experience for a long time.






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