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Thyroid Health Series Milford

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An estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease, and 60 percent of this population is unaware of their condition. Unfortunately, this number is continuing to rise. Whether you are just starting to experience symptoms or you have been diagnosed and have been on medication for years, these classes will teach you many things you can do to support your thyroid health. Don't settle for feeling less than amazing anymore, come learn simple lifestyle changes that can help you regain your energy, your health and your happiness! Each participant will create their own thyroid self-care plan. Free food & product samples included. Registration deadline March 15th.

Class 1

Role of the thyroid in the body

Causes of thyroid disorders

Thyroid Testing

Nutrient Deficiencies

Critical Nutrients for Thyroid Health

Ways to Reduce Nutrient Deficiencies

Class 2

Where Do Toxins Come From?

How Toxins Affect Thyroid Health

Ways to Reduce & Eliminate Toxins

Class 3

How Does Stress Affect Thyroid Health?

Ways to Reduce Stress - Movement, Meditation, Self-Expression, Sleep

Keys to Success

Create Thyroid Self-Care Plan

"I already feel better in the five weeks since the first class. I lost 4 pounds. I have changed some eating habits, and swapped in and out some foods per your recommendations."

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North Bellingham, Bellingham Center, South Bellingham